Currently, my research concentrates on three main aspects:

  1. Scour and erosion hazards in fluvial and marine environments. A main focal point of my PhD and postdoctoral research is sediment scour and erosion at complex infrastructures (e.g. bridge foundations). Large-scale physical experiments are carried out to establish a universal design approach.
  2. Hydro-morphodynamics and the anthropogenic influence on sediment transport. I am working in collaboration with many excellent researchers and involved with projects including turbulence structures around submerged infrastructures, offshore wave propagation and hydrodynamics, the mechanism of bedform migration and deformation, ’Smart Particle’ approach to studying incipient bed motion, etc.
  3. Integrated management of urban water resources. I have stayed connected with both the industry and the academia to resolve real-life problems of urban water governance, conservation and resilience. I also participated in the program formulating China’s national guideline for evaluating river/lake health.